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WAVY Bubbling Ocean Garden

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WAVY Bubbling Ocean Garden
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Bubbling Ocean Garden (TM)

Garden Soil, Lake and Beach Aromatherapy,
Salt Therapy, and Air Filtration

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WAVY® bubbling ocean garden, air filter, aroma and salt therapy. Makes phyto rich ocean water that removes CO2 and air pollutants, and adds oxygen and salt vapor. It can grow a nice beach, lake, or garden soil aroma too.

The world of bubbling ocean gardens is now available for your desktop or floor. The WAVY® bubbling ocean garden from Santa Monica Filtration® makes REAL garden soil air, lake air, or salty beach air, and it purifies this air as only nature can do. WAVY also grows a sea vegetable that you can use in many natural and healthy ways such as skin care, baths, fertilizers, and pet foods.

Air from WAVY can be just like breathing real black garden soil in a garden, or real ocean air at the beach, because it IS real (imagine a deep red flickering sunset too). You control the aroma by how you operate it.

Each WAVY uses real salt water, and real living and growing phyto nutrition from sea vegetables, to make true garden soil aroma (but without the soil), or lake shore aroma, or beach air aroma. Phyto nutrition is considered "super" nutrition, and WAVY can make it in orange and many shades of green... from pastel to almost black. If you like black soil in your garden, you'll love the garden soil scents.

You can put WAVY on a desk nearby, far away, or on the floor depending on how much aroma you want. And you can adjust the aroma to be more like garden soil, or lake shore, or beach by feeding more or less fertilizer and then waiting a few days for the new growth to respond. Just like a garden.

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WAVY is like aromatherapy from a garden or beach, but itís not super strong or overpowering like perfumes. And it doesn't blow in your face like a fan. Instead itís a very light drifting of air, and a very subtle aroma, which gets more noticeable the nearer you get to it (like a flower), especially if your windows are closed. And the sea vegetables that the aroma comes from is... Seaweed!

Most people think seaweed smells bad. But actually only DEAD seaweed smells bad. Just like food. When fresh, however, seaweed can smell wonderful. And when itís alive and growing, it can smell like garden soil, or a lake shore, or the beach depending on how much you fertilize it. Indeed, in the open oceans itís micro size seaweed particles that give the ocean its aroma. And on the beaches near shallow water, itís bigger pieces of attached seaweed that give most of the salty fragrance. Itís these same big pieces of growing seaweed that WAVY can cultivate for you on your desktop or floor.

How does WAVY do it? It sends air bubbles up from a reservoir of fertilized salt water, and blasts the water with super bright red light. The air bubbles rub against rough white strings which cause seaweed to start growing on them. The white color then reflects light back to the seaweed, causing the seaweed to attach even more strongly so that it can grow without washing away. The result: A basket of living and growing ocean seaweed! (Light or dark colored).

If you lift up the lid of WAVY, thereís more. The bright red light that WAVY uses to grow the seaweed is not only like a flickering sunset, but it's the same color that is preferred for red-light skin therapy (phototherapy) in spas. And the salt water that WAVY uses is the same real salt water that is used for salt water skin treatments (thalassotherapy). And the salt mist that you can breathe in from WAVY is the same (actually better, because itís fresh) that salinizer breathing therapy machines use (halotherapy). Even the bubbles themselves can function as bubble massage therapy and sound relaxation. And letís not forget the seaweed itself, which can be used for skin care (algotherapy) and many many other uses. 

WAVY is the only device which puts red lights under bubbling seaweed. This is so the lights face upwards for you to get ocean garden aroma, bubbling, salt air, salt water, red light, and phyto nutrition by just opening the lid and getting near the bubbles (but close your eyes, and wear the eye goggles which are included). 

WAVY is large enough to set on the floor, but small enough to put on your desktop. You can operate WAVY with the lid on so that you only get aroma from the air outlet, or you can remove the lid and get the full effect of the sound, lights, bubbling and salt. The water is not hot, itís just room temperature or maybe slightly warmer; perfect for skin contact. 

One thing to keep in mind is that WAVY is an ocean garden, and like a garden it will take time to grow the seaweed and the aroma that you want. So your first month with WAVY will be watching and nurturing, and it will have varying aromas of garden soil, lakes, oceans and beaches as it develops. Eventually you can get it the way you like it.

You will need to get an air pump (or two), to pump air into the water. There are lots of options of air pumps in each country, many of them with adjustable air outputs which work perfectly with WAVY to set the level of air bubbles that you want. We do offer air pumps that can be purchased separately, and you will need two (2) of these pumps for each WAVY (they are only for 120 volts in North America), and they are shipped separately from WAVY:

For countries besides USA, we have provided a list for you to easily find good air pumps to choose from:

A light timer is also needed to turn the lights on and off (usually 18 hours on, 6 hours off, each day), to simulate daytime and nighttime for the seaweed. You can get these timers in any hardware, electronics, or home improvement store, or online. If you order our two Fusion air pumps, we will include a simple mechanical timer for free.

More information: Our forum has many sections of the different aspects of WAVY, and you can ask questions there too:

We hope you like WAVY


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