1. Aroma Beach Angel Hair Seaweed
Aroma Beach Angel Hair Seaweed
Aroma Beach Angel Hair Seaweed

Aroma Beach Angel Hair Seaweed

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Real angel hair seaweed - in a little Ocean Sachet - fresh, living, and still moist from growing in our SURF™ seaweed cultivators. The fragrance is exactly like the beach and shoreline, because it is one of the same seaweeds that grows there. And it's all-natural; when we get this seaweed from our cultivators, we don't add ANYTHING to it. 

The scent of a real beach or shoreline comes from seaweed that is partially dry and exposed to the air. You might think that partially dry seaweed would not have a fresh marine aroma, but it does! This is because it has evolved to attach itself to rocks at the shoreline, and it has retained enough water so at low tide it can let out a fresh ocean fragrance into the air. 

Use angel hair seaweed for your own desktop beach; it even comes with a picture of the beach to place your seaweed on. Just open up the clear bag, take out the little sea net, and hold it to your nose whenever you want the scent of the beach; the aroma lasts up to two weeks. When it gets too dry, rinse it in your sink in it's sea net, then squeeze all the water out it and fluff it up again so that it's ready to give more beach aroma. By keeping it rinsed, fluffed, and almost dry, you can extend the fresh beachy fragrance for a surprisingly long time. 

Did you know that by changing how often you rinse, or how much light shines on the seaweed, and how much you fluff it up, you can change the aroma? You might like a drier aroma with a hint of hay, or a wetter aroma with some tang! 

If you forget about your seaweed and it appears dried out, soak it in water for a while in its sea net; when you rinse it be sure to break apart the solid areas, then squeeze it out and fluff it up again. Sometimes you can really bring it back to life! 

If you keep it too wet in its clear bag, it might start to feel like a slippery beach. If this happens, rinse it really good in its sea net until the slippery feel goes away. Squeeze it out out really good, fluff it up, and it should be as good as a fresh beach again.

There are many other uses for this fresh angel hair seaweed, such as skin wraps, soaps, candles, ocean baths, and seeding for your own seaweed cultivator. When your seaweed has finally given off all it's aroma, you can also use it to fertilize plants, or to feed pets or fish, or you can just let it dry out and use it as a natural green decoration. Don't let it dry out before it’s time though, and don't freeze it, because it needs to stay alive and well to keep itself fresh and aromatic!

Comes with a sea net sachet to rinse the seaweed in, and a clear bag to keep the seaweed overnight.