1. GEM5 high power underwater refugium, algae scrubber, reactor and hydroponic light: 5 real watts EACH LIGHT = 10 watts other LEDs = 20 watts CFL

GEM5 high power underwater refugium, algae scrubber, reactor and hydroponic light: 5 real watts EACH LIGHT = 10 watts other LEDs = 20 watts CFL

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GEM5(tm)  Lights

Underwater high power LED grow lights
for all styles of algae scrubbers, reactors,
seaweed cultivators, and hydroponics

Underwater rated
IP65, IP66, IP66K, IP67, IP68, IP69K
(high pressure steam proof)

GEM5 lights everywhere:
GEM5 lights used for algae/cheato reactors:
GEM5 power supply handles Four (4) lights:
GEM5 power cord for 240 and 120 volts:
GEM5 suction cups:

Operates on both 120 and 240V. Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by putting the item into the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates"

No dangerous metal 240/120 volt lights. White case material absorbs heat from LEDs.

GEM5 lights are the very first lights ever designed just for algae scrubbers and seaweed cultivators. Because of the very wet and splashy environments that waterfall scrubber lights must operate in, and the underwater environments that some upflow scrubbers must operate in, these GEM5 lights are made with a high tech material which not only seals out water but also removes heat from the LED so that it remains at the proper operating temperature in any environment, submerged or not. 

These GEM5 lights can also be used for underwater algal growth in hydroponics, illuminating the roots of the plants to grow algae on them; this adds oxygen to the water and to the roots themselves. And if you have or are building a chaeto reactor, put some GEM5 lights on the outside of the reactor (shining in), or on the inside of the reactor (in the water), especially at the bottom (shining up). 

GEM5 lights can be mounted with 2-sided foam tape (included) if you put them above the water line, such as over a sump or on the outside of a sump wall or reactor. Or if you prefer the light to be easily removable, then the mounting lugs on each end of a GEM5 light can be suction cupped (included) or screwed to a surface, and the light can then be removed easily by just lifting up one end and sliding out the other. The GEM5 can be attached in either direction: With the LEDs facing the wall (shining through a clear wall), or with the LEDs facing away from the wall. When facing away from the wall (and above the water) the raised-letter logo keeps a small distance between the GEM5 and the wall so as to allow cooling air to circulate there.

Each GEM5 light uses 5 real watts (volts X amps) for the power; it does not use "equivalent" watts like CFL lights do, and it does not "say" 5 watts but only use 3 watts like almost all LED grow-lights do. Because it uses real watts, each GEM5 light puts out the same algal-growth illumination that a "larger" 10 watt LED or 20 watt CFL bulb does. The GEM5 is pure deep red 660nm (nanometer), which is the primary growth spectrum for macroalgae (seaweed), and is also easier on the eyes when you have to look at it.

The power supply for the GEM5 is a fully isolated, low-voltage, LED power supply that is CE, UL, Canadian UL, and FCC approved. One power supply can power 1, 2, 3 or 4 of these GEM5 lights, using the 4-plug connector included. Any of the 4 plugs that are not used are to be capped off with the included caps. With 4 lights, you are getting a full 20 watts of illumination output, which is the "equivalent" of 40 watts of regular (especially Chinese) grow lights, or 80 watts of CFL bulbs.

The real beauty of a GEM5 light, however, is it's all-environment capability. It's patent-pending case is a solid (not hollow) high-tech material which not only completely seals the LEDs when under water, but also removes heat from the LEDs when above the water. This is very unique because normal resin or silicone would trap so much heat inside that the LEDs would burn up. The high-tech material used in the GEM5 means the light requires no cooling fans or heat sinks when operated in the air, and requires no waterproofing when operated under water. Matter of fact, if you have 4 of the GEM5 lights (with one power supply) you can put 2 of the lights on one side of your growth in the air, and the other 2 lights on the other side of your growth in the water. And this includes setting the lights on the bottom of your sump so they shine up from below! Don't try that with your Chinese grow lights.

The GEM5 was designed because of the severe lack of lights for algae scrubbers and reactors, and the nonexistence of lights for underwater hydroponics. If you were building a waterfall or horizontal river style scrubber, up until now you either had to build your own LED circuit board and then put it behind a clear protective sheet, or you had to get a big bulky plant-grow light and try to find room to mount it and worry about line voltage being near the water. And if you were building an upflow style scrubber, your only choice was to put a light on the outside of a sump, shining through the sump wall; there was no easy way to get light on the other (wet) side. And even if you were just growing chaeto, all you could do was put a light over the top of the sump; it was very hard to put a light on the sides of the sump, and impossible to put one below, so those areas stayed dark. And dark does not grow or filter. And lastly, once you finally got your configuration set up, you still had almost no way of adding extra lights later.

The GEM5 changes all that. In addition to being able to be placed anywhere, it's also modular, meaning that you can start with only a few lights now but add more later, and use them together in a small space too. The lights do this job so well that they will be the standard lights for the new Santa Monica Filtration waterfall scrubbers available soon, which will of course be available in 1, 2 or 4 light options.

The GEM5 lights are also great for regular lighting of hydroponics and aquaponics, especially when you need a completely waterproof light source. And you can easily move the lights from above (for plant growth) to below (for root algal growth). The wide-spreading light pattern allows the GEM5 to be placed just 2" (5cm) from the algae when in the air, or actually touching the algae when in the water. Algae might even grow on the light!

Lastly, since each GEM5 light consumes 5 real watts just for illumination, it can be used as a heater when placed under water; so you can heat and filter at the same time. Using four lights (with one power supply) will act as a real 20 watt heater.

These GEM5 lights and power supply come with a 1 year warranty.  For warranty replacements, you must send the old one back to us first.

Can be shipped to any country; you can find shipping costs by using the shopping cart; be sure to click "display rates". If you don't have a zip code, enter "zip code" instead. Note that shipping outside of the USA will probably require you to also pay an import charge when it arrives. We cannot mark it as "gift". The lowest cost (but slowest) foreign shipping is generally USPS First Class Package International, but USPS Priority Mail International is faster and has tracking and insurance. The size of the shipping box is 11 x 7.5 x 5 inches, (28 x 19 x 10 cm).

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