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20mm and 50mm magnets for the HOG scrubbers


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Magnets for our HOG scrubbers, or your own scrubber. These are N45 high power neodymium magnets, and may be black, tan or silver in color. They will need to be sealed with epoxy, resin, or reef-safe silicone, onto your scrubber tray.

There are two lengths available: 20 mm and 50mm long. They are 5mm thick, and 6mm wide. These are the same magnets that we use for our HOG.5,  HOG1,  HOG1x,  HOG1.3,  HOG2,  HOG3, HOG3x, and HOG3xx scrubbers. You can use them the way you like, although we use them this way:

HOG.5 has two magnets 20mm long on the inside, and the same outside. This is for thin glass.

HOG1 has two magnets 20mm long and two 50mm long on the inside, and the same outside.

HOG1x has four magnets 50mm long on the inside, and the same outside.

HOG1.3, HOG2, HOG3, HOG3x, and HOG3xx have six magnets 50mm long with magnet protectors on the inside, and six of the same magnets outside but without magnet protectors.

Magnet protectors are generally only needed on the inside (wet) part, and usually only on the larger size trays. The protectors fit perfectly over our 50mm long magnets, and fit right into the large trays. The protectors can also be used with smaller 20mm long magnets, or with smaller trays, but the fit is not exact. Here is a video and picture of a protector being glued onto a magnet: