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Three-watt LEDs (2) for any Santa Monica scrubber

Your Price: $7.99
model: Parts-LED
note: 1240

LEDs for the any Santa Monica Filtration scrubber. 

The exact same three-watt LEDs that are used to make all Santa Monica scrubbers. This is for two (2) of these LED stars, 660nm spectrum (red), three watts each, and includes the extremely thin white heat-conductive adhesive tape which must be used to attach the LEDs. to a heatsink. Silver heat-conductive adhesive could also be used if you have some. If you use heat conductive grease, you will need to use screws or some other way to hold the LEDs in place. 

500ma current is a recommended minimum, but they can go as high as 700ma.

Warranty is for replacement of dead-on-arrival only.